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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Popcorn Health Quiz

In March of 2012, researchers from the University of Scranton reported to the American Chemical Society
that popcorn may contain high levels of healthy antioxidants .... levels that may be equal to or higher than some fruits and vegetables.Per unit weight,Professor Joseph Vinson's team found, popcorn contained more polyphenols than fruits like pears and apples, with most of the health benefits packed into the hulls, not the  fluffy white part.

Test your knowledge with this quiz. 
1. What type of plain popcorn offers the fewest number of calories?
a. microwave b. air-popped c. movie theater popcorn
2.How many calories are in a small order of unbutterd popcorn at the movies?
a. 400 b. 650 c. 1,000
3. What causes corn kernels to turn into popcorn?
a. magic b. salt c. water
4. About 3 or 4 cups of popcorn equals one serving of which food group?
a. grain b. vegetable c. dairy
5. About how many kernels are in one cup of popped popcorn?
a. 800 b. 1,000 c. 1,600

1: b 2: c 3: c 4: a 5: c

** Recent research has also indicated that popcorn is much more than a fluff snack, it is a healthy one as well.**

Taken from the Market paper Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 edition

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