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Monday, July 28, 2014


FREE Student Planners {in 7 different themes}


These Student Planners contain the following pages:

  • Personalized cover page {choice of 3-4 per pack}
  • Weekly planning pages {includes check lists for subjects, chores, reading logs, and Bible verse focus}
  • Monthly calendars {with field trip log}
  • Week at a glance pages {with to do list and prayer list}
These awesome planners will help your child develop a sense of responsibility and independence as he/she keeps track of his/her days and weeks. They will also LOVE choosing one of the following themes that fits his/her own personality! They can choose from Frozen (girl), Frozen (boy), Minecraft (girl), Minecraft (boy), Horses, Fashionista, and a colorful theme {great for older students}.
Now through August 4th at 11:59 pm PST, you can download any of these Student Planners for FREE! {Regular price = $9.99}

Why can't we ?

Inspiration Monday

Monday Morning Meditation

Natalie Babbitt

Natalie Babbitt

Like all magnificent things, it's very simple.
Happy 82nd birthday, Natalie Babbitt! The American writer and illustrator is the author of the haunting children's classic, Tuck Everlasting.


7 Ways to Bring Respect Back into Your Marriage

7 Ways to Respect Your Husband

1.    Don’t nag. Wow, this is a tough one sometimes. Life gets busy and he forgets to fix the sink or cut the grass. Don’t muse on these things. Just be patient and wait. Ask that God to remind your husband of those things so you don’t feel tempted to repeat requests — over, and over and over again.

Another option? Consider taking the time to figure out how to get the job done yourself, so he can focus on other things. I know you are probably busy too, but if you can squeeze some of his duties into your schedule, you will only reap happy marriage benefits from your sacrifice of love!

2.    Just listen. As a busy mom of six, I multi-task. Do you do that too? Sometimes my multi-tasking sneaks its way into my conversations with my husband. As he’s relaying current events to me, I may be sweeping or braiding my daughter’s hair. But, one small gesture that I can do everyday to show my husband respect is to simply stop and listen. I can put down my broom for a few seconds to give him my undivided attention.

When I focus on him and his words, my body language is saying, “You’re important to me and I want to hear what you have to say.” Try it today and see an instant positive response form your hubby!

3.    Don’t correct. This is definitely a pet peeve of mine. Countless times my husband and I have been engaged in a conversation with another couple and the wife continually interrupts. “No, honey. There were three men in the store.” “No, Sweetie, you picked up the green one.” She has to correct him — or else the story would never be the same.

Don’t be that wife. I have yet to meet a husband that enjoys his wife interrupting his conversations or correct him — especially in public. It belittles him and only adds tension to your marriage.

4.    Give thanks. Did he take the family out to dinner? Did he lead the family in devotions? Did he change the light bulb? From the simplest to the most difficult tasks and gestures, thank him. Verbalizing your gratitude shows your husband that you truly respect the work he does — no matter how small or big.

5.    Praise him. Do you love your husband’s eyes? Tell him. Does he have an impressive baritone voice? Let him know you’re his biggest fan. Is a loving father to your children? Tell him so. Take every opportunity to praise your husband. He’ll love it, and focusing on your husband’s talents and abilities will cause your heart to respect him more.

6.    Give him his own space. Men like to have their own little cubby away from everyone else. This “man cave” is a place he can go to be alone and just think. Especially if he’s a dad, there will be times when he needs to get away. Let him have that space and furnish it as he desires.

7.    Welcome his advances. Nothing makes a man feel disrespected more than a wife that pushes away his physical advances. It makes him feel undesirable. Lean in to that kiss, squeeze extra tight on that hug and focus on your special physical relationship that only you two share.

 Enjoying the physical part of the marriage is one of the most powerful ways to let your husband know he has your respect.

Respecting our husbands doesn’t always come easy. It’s something that God had to give us clear instructions to do. But if we do strive to respect our husbands, then we will experience a happy, close-knit marriage that few people get to experience.

Respect your husband now and cultivate a strong marriage that provides a strong foundation for a happy home

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

HSEFM Contributor

I am now a contributor here!
I am looking forward to this adventure!

Homeschool Educational Free Market

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014


 photo 00b89c59-1c6a-47f9-a9c8-a1ce19675b83.jpg

This is what my tummy looked like after surgery.
It did hurt a little, thank the Lord it is a lot better now.
Staples are gone and both places are looking smaller
and not reddish, they are my original skin color
and actually look like they might not leave a scar.
The little hole by my belly button is my piercing hole.
I finally have it back in.

I hope this picture is not to graphic for you,
 I want to post on our blog about our real life issues
as well as homeschooling.

Congrats to My Honor Roll Kids!!

As most of you know we homeschool year round with breaks.
Today I was getting caught up on some homeschooling
things and wrote in the third quarter grades in their report cards.
I am so proud to announce all my kids made

Misty made honor roll for the first time!!


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In you I trust, O my God. Psalm 25:2

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